Coherence in Action

Coherence Coaches work respectfully with clients’ emotional knowings in facilitating their clients’ desired changes.

Partners can learn to understand and accept the deep emotional logic underlying the other’s feelings and behaviors.

Healthy parent-child relationships are fostered by an understanding of the innate coherence of each person’s emotions and choices.

An understanding of emotional coherence enables teachers to make more effective choices in how they relate to their students.

We look here at coherence in organizations, international relations, the justice system, across cultures, and more.

The Coherence Group identifies and implements ways of spreading knowledge of the emotional coherence paradigm.

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Emotional Coherence
People form their views and assumptions about reality from their own particular life experiences. How people act, feel, and think makes deep emotional sense—is fully coherent—in relation to their learnings and unquestioned assumptions about how people are and how the world functions.
Introductory article on Emotional Coherence

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